Open Road

A 20 minutes roadmovie about youth set on south of France

The Journey

After graduation, four friends - 2 girls, Christelle and Lea, and 2 boys, Camille and Florent - go on holidays together. As Florent has already started filming all the road trip with his video camera, Lea, recently graduated, claims that she is now free of all parental’s exceptations. Chris wants to take advantage of the journey to get closer to Camille, but he seems distracted and not in the mood for discussion. Anyway, she has to concentrate on her driving, between the wine tasting and everyone napping, she needs to stay on course.
As they travel through south of France’s roads, among garrigue and by the seashore, the fears about their unknown futures, the secrets and misunderstandings turn the journey upside down.

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Assistant director (preproduction)


Sound director


Make-up artist



Open road short movie

The characters


focused driver

interpreted by Justine Noirot


Chris is the artist type. She's sweet and tender, but she has also a control freak side. If you want to drive, get your own car, she won't let you take the wheel ! Unless for Camille... Maybe.


free mind passenger

interpreted by Elise Lissague


Léa is a daddy's girl. Now she has graduated, she feels burdenless, she can do as she pleases. Sometimes she can also be a real bitch, messing aroud and teasing Florent.


preoccupied passenger

interpreted by Julian Ciais


Camille always succeeds. Or that's what he wants us to think. What if he was wrong from the beginning ? What if he fails ? With his cool attitude and his pride, could he let his weakness appears?


undisciplined passenger

interpreted by Victor Bouis


Flo is a funny, positive and full of ressources dude. He likes girls a lot, specificly Léa. His gadget collectionner side gave him the nickname of "Inspector Gadget".

The Shooting

After a successfull crowdfunding campain, we were able to move to the south of France and shot the movie. It took 5 days to shoot our 20 minutes script. We had such a beautiful weather, it was the best conditions ever. Everybody was very excited about the film and the place we were filming. Below you can see some pictures from the set. If you want to see more, click on the pictures to see the whole galerie.






We met in the south of France, in Montpellier, during our cinema's studies. Then we pursue in Paris, in our own speciality. Nowadays, Manon is a camera assistant and Juliette is a script writer. We started the writing of this short film in 2013 with the same vision of what should be Open road. In no time, it was obvious that we wanted to produce it, and to be both directors. We are working up on this short since a fews months and, step by step, we are surrounding ourselves with a talented and very motivated crew!


Location manager


Assistant director


Assitant director (preparation)




Assistant location

manager/ Photographer


Assistant location manager


Sound director



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